Our History

Ngā Whakapapa

Ko Tākitimu te waka
Nāna e kawea mai ngā tūpuna mai i Hawaiki
Ka paria ki uta ki Pātea
Ka paria ki uta ki Ōtoea
Ka paria ki uta ki Ōtara
Ka tatū ki uta ki Te Hou Hou nei e
Ko Ngāti Hauiti e tū atu nei

Whakauae Research for Māori Health and Development was established by Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hauiti in 2005, under the leadership of founder, Dr Heather Gifford.

Ngāti Hauiti, based in the Rangitīkei district, sought to develop a research team to benefit the iwi but, as our work progressed, the team’s capability expanded rapidly to include a broad range of kaupapa Māori research services able to be employed all around Aotearoa and beyond.

Whakauae is unique in its position within Māori health research as the only service directly accountable to and mandated by an iwi entity.

Our innovative kaupapa Māori research model operates with a ‘by Māori, for Māori, with Māori’ structure, underpinned by values drawn from our connection to indigenous knowledge. Our cutting-edge research captures the true lived experience of Māori whānau, hapū, iwi and community.

The calibre and substance of our body of work to date has been acknowledged with significant funding awarded to our team by the Health Research Council (HRC) of New Zealand as well as the prestigious Te Tohu Rapuora Medal which was presented to Whakauae Research Director, Dr Amohia Boulton for her outstanding leadership and a research career that has helped to advance Māori health services and nurture the next generation of young and emerging Māori health researchers.

Whakauae Research are committed to the mission of transforming Māori lives through excellent research. Our research provides leaders and decision-makers with the data to support positive change, to revitalise, reclaim and restore the balance of power, and enable our whānau to establish rangatiratanga over their own lives.