March 20, 2023

Rangatahi talk Rongoā

Rangatahi talk Rongoā

The Tū Mai Rongoā symposium held in June 2022 by Whakauae Research in partnership with Te Kāhui Rongoā, ACC, Manatū Hauora Ministry of Health and Te Aka Whai Ora, was an important time for whānau, healers, medical practitioners and others from the community to come together to kōrero about the importance of Rongoā in Aotearoa.

Rangatahi talk Rongo?

One of the many groups who engaged with the symposium on that day was a rōpū of rangatahi from Whanganui, who had a range of questions about the meaning and function of Rongoā within their own lives. Their pātai and the response from Rongoā practitioner Donna Kerridge, has been presented in this infographic, which reflects the important space that we need to hold for this generation, who want to be part of the Rongoā journey.

You can view and download a pdf of the infographic here.


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