March 14, 2022

Te Ao Rauropi: Mapping the Biosphere of Rongoā Māori

Te Ao Rauropi: Mapping the Biosphere of Rongoā Māori

Lead researcher:

Dr Amohia Bouton

Other Whakauae researchers:

Gill Potaka-Osborne

Dr Tanya Allport

Independent research team members:

Donna Kerridge (Rongoā practitioner)

Dr Glenis Mark


This research project, exploring the deeper meaning of Rongoā Maori (traditional Māori healing), is a three-year HRC funded study hosted by Whakauae Research.   Building on previous work undertaken by members of the research team, the research will identify and articulate the contribution that Rongoā makes to the health and wellbeing of the Aotearoa New Zealand population and to our environments, seek to reinstate wider understanding of the nature of Rongoā and restore a Māori philosophy of wellbeing to our communities

The project will collect data from both Rongoā practitioners and their patients. The data will be analysed and synthesised to create a map of the Rongoā biosphere as a graphic representation of the principles and practices of Māori healing.


Now in Phase 2 of the study, we have successfully interviewed over 50 participants from across the country. We have undertaken initial data analysis revealing several emergent themes. The interim findings from our key informant interviews with healers and whānau have informed the development of an infographic poster to highlight our early findings on the many different expressions and impacts of Rongoā. This first dissemination output from the Te Ao Rauropi research project privileges the voices of the participants which are expressed in the sections entitled “voices of the people” and “things that heal”.

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