July 13, 2017

Taranaki Māmā Pēpē Hauora Programme Evaluation

Taranaki Māmā Pēpē Hauora Programme Evaluation

We carried out a process and short – medium term outcomes evaluation of the Taranaki Māmā Pēpē Hauora (MPH) Programme, which we completed in the second half of 2015. The MPH Programme was initiated in mid-2013 following a successful response by the Taranaki District Health Board, and its strategic partners, to a Ministry of Health request for proposals. The Programme seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and their children through better nutrition, including breastfeeding, and regular physical activity. Tui Ora Ltd, based in New Plymouth, is delivering the Programme that focuses on priority Taranaki communities. The evaluation aimed to determine how effective the Programme was in reaching priority audiences. It also assessed positive changes in participant awareness, understanding and behaviour with respect to nutrition and physical activity.

Outcomes / Achievements

An MPH Programme Interim Evaluation Report was completed in March 2015 using data collected from programme participants, kaimahi and governance group members along with the review of key programme documentation. The findings and recommendations made in that report were used by the evaluation commissioner, and the provider, to refine the second phase of the Programme rollout which began in July 2015.

Using further data collected in the first half of 2015, a Final MPH Programme Evaluation Report was completed in September 2015. Results and recommendations included in the Final Evaluation Report have since been used to further inform the fine-tuning of phase two of the MPH Programme which is scheduled to conclude in mid-2016.

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