May 27, 2017

HRC Writing Workshops

HRC Writing Workshops

The HRC Writing Workshops have been run by Whakauae since 2009, in a variety of formats and locations, but always with the same primary objective, namely to increase the number and quality of applications made by Māori researchers to the HRC’s various funding rounds. In 2015, two workshops were held; one at the offices of Te Whānau o Waipereira Trust in Auckland and a second at Te Pūtahi ā Toi, Massey University, Palmerston North. A workshop specifically focused on applying for the Ngā Kanohi Kitea (NKK) round of community-led research grants was held in Whanganui, after a number of requests from the local community. This workshop was held in conjunction with, and hosted by, Te Atawhai o te Ao.

Outcomes / Achievements

All workshops were well attended with the rise in interest amongst community and iwi members in both research funding and the work of the HRC, being particularly noticeable. This community interest in the activity of “research” is heartening and can be put down in large part to the success of the HRC’s Ngā Kanohi Kitea grant round. The NKK Investigator Briefing Meeting (IBM) was well attended and participants remained very engaged throughout the day. From the feedback we receive through our formal evaluation forms, and un-solicited comments, we know that community members who attend the writing workshops get real value from their attendance. We have noticed greater interest on the part of community members participating in, and eventually leading their own research projects for their own people. In addition, the presentation on Career Development Awards (CDA) is always well received, and we are aware that this interest has translated directly into a growth in CDA applications to the HRC over the years we have been conducting the workshops.

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