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Why are we here?

To assist Māori to reach their potential by sustainably delivering Māori research founded on academic and research excellence, and mātauranga Māori, in a way that brings together Ngāti Hauiti interests, with the interest of Māori in general.

Whakauae - Research for Māori Health and Development

If you are interested in Māori centred research, Māori public health research or Māori health services research then this site will interest you.


Here you can meet the team, find out what  work we are currently doing, read our latest publications and find out how to contact us. We are a small team of dedicated, well qualified researchers with an established track record of success in being awarded contestable funding, generating academic outputs and carrying out quality research alongside Māori communities.

You can hear how to pronounce Whakauae here.

Latest News

Attendance at the Iwi Chairs Forum, Waitangi

In early February 2017 Dr Amohia Boulton accompanied Rūnanga Chair, Neville Lomax to the recent Iwi Chairs Forum (ICF) at Waitangi where the topics of “vulnerable children”, Te Ture Whenua, and Māori interests in freshwater were high on the agenda.


Nga Pae o te Maramatanga - Researcher Wānanga

Whakauae Research Services, the University of Auckland and Waikato University have partnered to undertake research looking at hospital transfers for Maori.


International Indigenous Research Conference - Auckland

Whakauae staff attended the International Indigenous Research Conference 2016 held at The University of Auckland in association with Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga from 14th-18th November 2016. This was a prime opportunity to hear about the work other Indigenous and Māori researchers are conducting in a range of areas.